Best 3D printing services of 2022

Which 3D printing service best fits the needs of your business? Here you will find an overview of the best online 3D printing services and online platforms of 2022.

Online 3D printing services allow any business to add Additive Manufacturing (AM) to their product development and production chain, without the cost of investing in expensive industrial 3D printing machines.

From prototyping to the production of functional parts made from polymers, silicones or metals, online 3D printing services democratize Additive Manufacturing, making it accessible to all.

Choose the right 3D printing service based on their offerings in materials, production technologies and other criteria that are important to you.

3D printing services and platforms

  • Beamler
    Beamler is an online 3D printing platform. Beamler offers a wide range of materials with a focus on high performance materials such as copper, tungsten, ceramics, silicone and TPU’s.
  • Kraftwurx
    Kraftwurx is a company that has Kraftwurx is a 3D printing platform with a on-demand network of more than 125 manufacturing facilities around the world.
  • Fictiv
    Fictiv is an American 3D Print service based in San Francisco, California (USA). The company was founded in 2016. Fictiv has a global network of manufacturing partners.
  • Xometry
    Xometry provides custom manufacturing on demand services for CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal, and urethane casting.
  • WhiteClouds
    White Clouds builds custom models for the entertainment, architecture and trade show industry. Think architectural models, realistic entertainment figurines, and medical models.
  • Trinckle 3D
    Founded in 2013, Trinckle was one of the first German online 3D printing service providers. The online 3D printing service has since been acquired by JOMATIK
  • Treatstock
    Treatstock is an online 3D printing platform connecting small and medium sized businesses with a network of manufacturers.
  • Stratasys Direct
    Stratasys Direct prints not only with their own FDM and PolyJet 3D printers, but offers six industrial 3D printing technologies and three conventional manufacturing technologies.
  • Star Rapid
    Star Rapid is a additive manufacturing service provider based in China. The company was founded in 2005 by Gordon Styles from the UK.
  • Shapeways
    Shapeways is a Dutch-founded, New York-based 3D printing marketplace and service.
  • SD3D
    3D3D is an America 3D printing service bureau based in San Diego with 12 manufacturing locations in California and 5 in Texas. They offer FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF and DMLS.
  • Protolabs
    Protolabs is an American 3D printing service company that provides rapid manufacturing of low-volume 3D printed, CNC machining-machined, sheet metal, and injection-molded custom parts for prototyping and short-run production.
  • JawsTec
    3D Printing Service provider specializing in Nylon 3D printing catering to individuals and businesses.
  • Materialise Onsite
    Materialise is a 3D print service founded in 1990 Its headquarters are in the town of Leuven, near Brussels, with branches worldwide. It specialises in manufacturing and medical applications.
  • i.materialise
    Materialise is a 3D print service founded in 1990 Its headquarters are in the town of Leuven, near Brussels, with branches worldwide. It specialises in manufacturing and medical applications.
  • HK3DPrint
    HK3DPrint is a professional 3D printing service provider in Hong Kong China.
  • Fathom
    Fathom is the largest privately held digital contract manufacturing service providers in North America
  • Fast Radius
    Fast Radius is a manufacturing company offering Additive Manufacturing solutions as well as traditional manufacturing technologies. Fast Radius has Carbon DLS 3D, HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) and Stratasys FDM printers.
  • FacFox
    FacFox is a Chinese additive manufacturing service offering over 200+ materials for different technologies as well as traditional manufacturing capabilities.
  • CraftCloud
    Craftcloud is subsidiary of the Germany-based online 3D printing magazine All3DP.
  • Beta Layout
    The German company Beta Layout is specialised in electronic printed circuit boards (PCB) and SMD Stencils, but they also 3D print prototypes.
  • Autotiv
    Autotiv offers plastics, elastomers, and metals in SLA, FDM, SLS, DMLS and Polyjet and traditional manufacturing capabilities such as CNC Machining
  • 3D Printing Ally
    3D Printing Ally is a 3D printing service catering to manufacturers, designers and innovators.
  • 3Diligent
    3Diligent offers three services: ProdEX, Shopsight, and Consulting. ProdEX is a platform service that allows users to access the capabilities, technologies, and materials of thousands of manufacturers.
  • 3D Hubs
    D Hubs is a Dutch 3D printing platform and offers 3D printing as well as CNC machining Machining, Metal Sheet Fabrication and Injection Molding.
  • 3D Experience
    The 3D Experience is a cloud based additive manufacturing platform from the French conglomerate Dassault Systèmes. 3DS offers a cloud-based Marketplace with on-demand access to Industrial Services providers worldwide.
  • 3D Systems On Demand
    3D Systems On Demand (online since 2009) offers a mix of Additive Manufacturing (SLA, SLS and DMP) and traditional manufacturing techniques.
  • 3D Print AU
    3D Print AU is a 3D Printing Service specialised in Nylon SLS, but they also offer Polyjet and FDM printing services.
  • Sculpteo
    Sculpteo is a French 3D printing service. The company provides professional online 3D printing for on-demand production.