Fast Radius

Fast Radius is a manufacturing company offering Additive Manufacturing solutions as well as traditional manufacturing technologies. Fast Radius has Carbon DLS 3D, HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) and Stratasys FDM printers. In addition yo in-house  solutions, they work with global partners to provide other technologies and processes. Fast Radius specializes in manufacturing industrial-grade metal and plastic parts for a range of applications. Fast Radius focuses on consumer goods, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and electronics industries..Lead times vary based on process, quality requirements, and order size. Many parts can be produced in 5 business days. The company also  offers design services. Their Virtual Warehouse safely stores digital designs and product specifications.

Company profile

Business Type3D Printing Service
Headquarter(s) Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Other locationsOffices in Atlanta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and a factory onsite at UPS’ Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky.
CertifiedAS9100D:2016, ISO9001:2015


Technologies FDM, SLA, Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF), SLS, Polyjet, Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)
Material Types
Supported File Formats.step,  .stp,  .stl,  .sldprt,  .obj,  .x_b,  .x_t,  .ipt,  .3dm,  .3ds,  .3dxml, 3mf,  .asab,  .asat,  .catpart,  .catproduct,  .exp,  .fbx,  .iam,  .iges,  .igs,  .jt,  .model,  .p_b,  .p_t,  .par,  .ply,  .prt,  .psm,  .sab,  .sat,  .session,  .skp,  .slc,  .sld,  .vda,  .wrl,  .x3d,  .xmp_bin,  .xmp_txt,  .xmt_bin,  .xmt_txt
Post ProcessingSurface finishes, color options, and chrome plating
Traditional TechnologiesCNC Machining, Urethane Casting, Injection Molding
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