Glossary of 3D printing terms

List of abbreviations used in the information on this site explained:

ABSAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene3D printing material
ASAAcrylonitrile styrene acrylate3D printing material
CJPColor Jet Printing3D printing technology
CLIPContinuous Liquid Interface Production3D printing technology
CNC (Machining)Computer numerical controlManufacturing technology
DEDDirected Energy Deposition
DLPDigital Light Processing3D printing technology
DMLSDirect Metal Laser SIntering3D printing technology
DMPDirect Metal Printing3D printing technology
FDMFused Deposition Modeling3D printing technology
GFGlass Filled
MJPMuli Jet Printing3D printing technology
PA Polyamide3D printing material
PCPolycarbonate3D printing material
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PLAPolylactic acid3D printing material
PPPolypropylene3D printing material
RPURigid Polyurethane3D printing material
SLAStereolithography3D printing technology
SLMSelective Laser Melting3D printing technology
SLSSelective Laser Sintering3D printing technology
STLStereolithography (CAD file)CAD File type
TPUThermoplastic polyurethane 3D printing material